BEARINGz Clothing – An introduction

BEARINGz clothing is a company, founded by myself David MJ in early 2013. It all started with that nagging child, yes my son, persistently asking for a Scooter because his best friend had one. All I could remember about scooters was from my childhood back in the 70s. Today, the same idea of entertainment exists but the theme has changed, having got all these crazy tricks and flips incorporated into it now. I realised that it would be good to bring a bigger awareness of freestyle Scootering to the public, and help Scootering generate its own identity. As a non-rider I decided I wanted to produce urban clothing, not just for Scooter riders but also for other Roller sports and enthusiast. Our message is all about knowing your identity and standing up for it. What better way to do that but through the clothes you wear & BEARINGz intends to project that by producing designs that show Grit, Bite, expressions of unity (Crew/Posse/Team), leadership.

We launched at the 2013 Scooter world championships and aim to produce clothing for children, teenagers and adults alike. In 2014, I intend to introduce clothing to the Skateboard world, with skates and BMX to follow, not far behind. With all your help(s), our message couldn’t be any clearer, especially for Scooter riders/Amateurs & Pros – HEAR US, SEE US & RESPECT US. Riding any of these disciplines is defo on its way back to wow kids and adults in many ways & with the addition of the riders that BEARINGz sponsors, the children and parents, our family and friends, we as BEARINGz aim to produce and market clothing to blow your mind and keep you coming back for more.

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