Grit Academy day out at Adrenaline Alley Corby

Corby was great on Saturday, the Daff MJ entourage almost didnt make it (combination of cutting thru london, a couple of missed turns, dodgy GPS that takes me thru back roads). It’s almost 12pm and the GPS says we had no chance of arriving at Corby before 1pm. Panic starts setting in so I ask George Peters to try phoning/texting Chris Kemp, Max Kemp’s dad ( to help us register the guys in advance so they didnt miss out. I mean, the 3 guys with me (George Peters, Mikey Duke & Lyle Crear) were all syched and hungry to do well at the compo so…. Registration done, delayed start and oops, another wrong turn by me and now we are due even later at Corby. George Peters turns to look at my GPS, which I now had hiding in the corner of the drivers side, and he asked “how comes we are now further away from Corby than it said 10 mins ago?”. I grunted “I dunno, crap phone I guess”. Now although many deem the powers that be as just a fantasy, heck those powers did shine down on us because the event, thankfully was being delayed from starting after 12 and was now postponed till after 1pm. WOOHOO, I might just be able to save face, yet. My guys were registered in the 3rd and 4th heats and we just got to the Adrenaline Alley Corby during the end of the 2nd heat – PHEW!!!
Walked into the compo arena for the 1st time and the buzz was fantastic. Kids whizzing around and performing, Gary from Krazy Scooters gasping for breath, as he screamed out the names of the contestants, and happily I just caught one of our riders Jake’s performance ( – who did the smart thing and opted to come down with his Dad (good performance Jake Lorimer but welcome to the compo world so will only get better) – Gutted I missed the earlier run of our Junior rider Max Kemp, im hoping there will be some video footage in the overall edit. So overall, a great show and our other riders get to work. Unlucky for Mikey Duke – in a tough heat or should deffo have gone thru to the semis. George Peters was effectively good as usual and was noticed by a number of the viewers, with phrases like ‘that guy is really good’. Well it paid off because he qualified for the semis. The 3rd rider who came with me,Lyle Crear, rides for Dub-Sk8s and even with his gangly stature, he is a very good rider (defying PHYSICS)he did very well too and got thru to the semis.
Semis was a high standard and TRUST, little Charley Dyson for the Scoot and Skates team was brill. He was landing almost everything. George Peters tried a difficult trick in the semis but did his hamstring, which unfortunately ended any chance of the final.
The final line-up was – Lyle Crear, Jack Harris, Daan Melis and Louis Rumens

Well you know the rest – Rumens wins the compo and gets a 1 year sponsorship with Grit Scooters and deserved it, since he was the only one to land everything in the 2 runs of the final. Daan Melis was 2nd, Jack Harris 3rd and a winded Lyle Crear (due to a fall) 4th.

Oooh ooh, almost forgot – the 2 time Scooter World champion Dakota Schuetz was there, his Bro Hunter, Ryan Mcnamara, Lewis Williams, Solly Bloomfield, Dante Huntchinson, little Alfie Mann and Callum Edge, Maddie Swain, Kallum Kerrigan and many more Pros from the UK. Good old Sam Cooper and Liam Eyles were doing their THANG with their Cameras and whole bunch of Pros, Amateurs and Enthusiasts just having a great time. Good day tho and deffo you missed if you werent there – I guess next time. Looking forward now to the London Street Jam May 17 2014 (
Best moment of the day – GRIT FREEBIE THROW-OUTS & watching the kids go crazy at trying to secure freebies. We managed to get a whole bunch of BEARINGz wrist bands chucked out too.

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