Scoot Tales – Skaterham Scoot Jam by Daff MJ

I’ve been up since 5am and really been looking forward to this day, Saturday the 25th of July 2015. Its been a real busy one trying to prepare for the Skaterham Scooter Jam. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am not organizing it, I’m not making sure big pro riders turn up ‘cough cough Jor… Cl…’ or am I getting the prizes in order. No, I just intended to turn up, bounce in, high five the masses and get all the other kids go, “who the …. is that black dude?”. Yes, if there was an event I was ever preparing for, this was it. BEARINGz -Daff MJ presents – Sponsor #1………. reverse rewind……………. I woke up at 5am, looking forward to the Skaterham Scooter Jam on that day, my company was honoured enough to be included as one of the sponsors, and here are the reasons why.

Event kicked off at 10am with riders, parents and sponsors alike, getting re-acquainted with one another and looking forward to an action packed event. The organizer of the event, on behalf of Skaterham, Dan, was running around making sure everything was perfectly set up – wall banners, sound system, safety protocols etc. Darren, Anna and the rest of the amazing Skaterham staff were all up and about making sure that all visitors were comfortable. Trust, its all looking perfect and might just live up to all the hype its been projecting over the last number of weeks.

The events started going down, and as you know, jams are all about laying out top on the best trick in each category and getting prizes for it. The ‘Ride or Die’ attitude was no joke as riders like Zach Keith Ward was trying to successfully complete his trick (Ramp to window sill….). Fail after fail but Zach never gave up. There I was thinking this dude was toast, turned round to talk with someone and BAM, missed the successful complete – gutted. Little Alfie Kneale Cohen was all over the early competes, scooting by me every 10 mins with… WT.., another prize????? The kid has only been scooting for 6 months!!!! LEGEND IN THE MAKING.

The time is like 11.30am going on 12pm, and the big boys start arriving – Dante Hutchinson, cool hand Lewis Williams, Jamie Addison, Mason Leonardi, Devon Low, Fl0wkid, FL0WKID???, yes Fl0wkid turned up too.

The big boy compos began with the injured World Champ Jordan Clark, taking part in the high hop competition and making the highest hop, to take first prize. The height competition followed and loads of riders decided to take part. I guess they all thought clearing a specific height and not actually adding any difficult trick routines to it, made a piece of cake. WRONG!!!, Riders were bailing out like flies, as they failed to clear the set heights. We were finally left with a few of the pros at 6 feet to clear. The skilled Jamie Addison was a pace setter, clearing the height with ease, and you know how ‘WOW’ that is, since Jamie is quite small. It didn’t stop him though, and he cleared it, no problem. It was war between Jamie Addison and Dante Hutchinson in the end though, with Dante, the world number 10 going on to clear 9 feet – 9 FEET ON A SCOOTER???? Enuff said.

The day ran away brilliantly, with Amateur and professional riders performing to their highest level, an example put across first by the world champion Jordan, who was injured but refused to give in – REGARDLESS. By 4:30pm, the Jam was nearing its end and final prizes for the top 3 Amateurs and top 3 Pros were handed out, with Lewis James (Dubsk8s) winning best Amateur and Dante Hutchinson (Lucky Scooters UK) winning best Pro.

Final give away at the end saw all the riders huddle round and prepare a Goodies spree, as gear from the event sponsors were tossed out to the needy hands.To crown it, I spotted Alfie Kneale’s Dad do a flying leap to catch one the BEARINGz Tall Tees. I guess he knows quality when he sees it.

The Jam comes to an end and peeps start heading off. I hang back and just absorb the rest of the evening for the next 15 minutes, before leaving too. I guess I just wanted to feel the ambience of the buzz after it had all finished, and trust me, it was all still in the air in full force.

Now for me as one of the sponsors, I guess it was an opportunity to introduce my company further, to those that didn’t really know of it but to tell you the truth, I JUST LOVED IT. Non rider I might be, it made me want to forget my fears of trying a Bunny hop and breaking something, I mean, I had my first scooter back in 1976 and I was king of the pavement riders in East Dulwich, South East London. I was so motivated by the spirit from the riders, it made me want to yearn for some more involvement, and that was just me. Speaking to Dan of Skaterham at the end of the event, he was beaming from ear to ear, as he said that the event was a successful one and i have to agree.

Great things on the day were:

  • Injured World champion Jordan Clark’s 150% involvement, winning a prize and donating it.
  • The number of Pros that turned up to the event and were quite humble and friendly with all the younger riders – TOP ROLE MODELS.
  • The contributions of Leigh (Dubsk8s) and his team, with Leigh working that Mike like a G.
  • The voluntary media work involved from the likes of Charlie Robinson and George Went plus a couple of others – BRILLIANT
  • The Skaterham staff and support, including the tasty Burger that was included in the price – ABSOLUTE VALUE FOR MONEY

Plus loads more good things from the day, that I was not privileged to witness, the Skaterham scooter Jam should be one for the calendar annually, and should help encourage more involvement from companies and charities in the South East, that are eager to see our children involved in activities like Stunt Scooter riding, from now and the foreseeable future to come.

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