Name: Dexter Williams – Pro Team Rider
Age: 17
Style: Park
Bio: Come from Burnley and also rides for MGP and SnS
Local: The Works
Favourite Park:  Rampworx
Favourite Trick:  Flair bar bar
Favourite Rider: 
Been riding for over 5 years

Name: Lewis Dunn – Pro Team Rider
Favourite Trick: Whip front scooter flip
Local Park: Beastrampz
Favourite Park: Beastrampz
Favourite Rider: Chris Reade

max2Name: Max kemp – Junior Team Rider
Age: 14
Favourite trick: super man deck grab
Local: Chineham skatepark
Bio: My name is Max Kemp and I am 14 years old, i live in Newbury
and spend time at skate parks. I used to ride a Sacrifice flyte
115, love to learn new tricks but need to get back in the game.



asName: Adam Swan – Team Rider
Age: 16
Style: Park
Bio: Come from Kent and also do media for
Local: My local park is Crook Log Skatepark
Fav Trick: Footless footless
Fav Rider: Dylan Morrison
I have a bent finger
Name: Jeremiah Plange – Team rider
Age: 16
Style: Park
Bio: From Beckenham, Kent
Local: Bromley
Fav Park: Adrenalin Alley
Fav Trick: Flickless double
Fav rider: Leo Spencer
12434334_10153874563131554_1952584864_n2Name: Lochie Barwick – Junior Team Rider (Australia)
Age: 11
Favourite Park: GC Compound at the Gold Coast and Bunker Skatepark in Melbourne
Local: Redcliffe skatepark
Best trick: double whip the hip and bar spin can
Favourite food: vegemite toast
Favourite scooter moment: dropping the 14 foot vert. Also rides for Flow and company and Tortoise pads


Name: Clint Steel AKA SCOOTER DAD
Age: 36
Style: Park
Bio: Come from Essex
Local: My local is errrrrrrrr
Fav Park: Adrenaline Alley Skatepark
Fav Trick: Finger whip
36 year old “Scooter Dad” basically got bored of standing around watching my son and step son on the ramps so thought I’d join in
13924988_666988616786267_4363490183276176979_nName: Joshua Alexander – Team Rider\Media
Age: 19
Style: Park
Bio: Come from Australia
Local: Charge Unit Norwich
Fav Park: Adrenaline Alley
Fav Trick: Buttercup
Fav rider: Jacob D’Arezzo

Name: Luke Howard – team rider
Age: 16
Style: Park
Local: Bromley
Fav Park: The Base
Fav Trick: bar rewind rewind
Fav rider: Justin Carter
Bio: I’ve ripped both my big toenails off when riding once !


Name: Mino Schnitzler – Team rider (France)
Age: 19
Local: wherever I am in the world

Bio: Godfather of the WE CAN CREW
Fav Park: Linda vista
Fav Trick: All tricks with a bar spin
Fav rider: Jake Clark or Derek Marr


Name: Alexandre Ferard – Pro Team Rider (France)
Age: 21
Style: Park
Bio: From Paris – riding for 6 years. Also rides for White box shop Paris and part of the WE CAN CREW
Local: EGP18
Fav Park: Woodward
Fav Trick: Heel rewind
Fav rider: Derek Marr 

Name: Josh Massingham – Flow rider
Age: 14
Local: R-kade
Fav Park: Adrenalin Alley
Fav Trick: Butter cup
Fav rider: Lewis Williams